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Over the last 10 years, the methods of producing a successful face-to-face meeting has not changed, but advancements in communication technology have lead to the development of alternative methods to reach your audience. While many in the meeting production industry view these new technologies as competition, here at Paragon we have embraced them in order to provide you with the best, most efficient meeting production experience. We have partnered with leaders in the virtual meeting world to provide our clients with successful meetings using technologies to provide our clients with the ability to present remotely, webcast a live meeting to an audience, and archive a live meeting for use in web-based training.

Since travel is not always convenient for all of the keynote speakers, Paragon has had successful experiences in remotely conferencing in presenters to live meetings. The presenters have the ability drive the presentation being shown to the audience at the meeting, as well as interact directly with live question and answer sessions from the comfort of their office, or home. We use industry-standard platforms that will work with any computer system, no matter if they use Mac or PC.

The ability to broadcast and archive a meeting is essential if you want to reduce the cost of meeting production. Paragon also has the ability to broadcast (via the web) and archive live meeting on the Internet. This is a proven method in reaching a far greater audience, as well as reducing the cost of a meeting. With our online web-based training, you can record some, or all, of the presentations and verify each attendee has watched each presentation via a comprehension testing system.