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Hybrid Meetings Technology

Over the last 10 years, the methods of producing a successful face-to-face meeting has not changed, but advancements in communication technology have lead to the development of alternative methods to reach your audience. While many in the meeting production industry view these new technologies as competition, here at Paragon we have embraced them in order to provide you with the best, most efficient meeting production experience. We have partnered with leaders in the virtual meeting world to provide our clients with successful meetings using technologies to provide our clients with the ability to present remotely, webcast a live meeting to an audience, and archive a live meeting for use in web-based training.

Since travel is not always convenient for all of the keynote speakers, Paragon has had successful experiences in remotely conferencing in presenters to live meetings. The presenters have the ability drive the presentation being shown to the audience at the meeting, as well as interact directly with live question and answer sessions from the comfort of their office, or home. We use industry-standard platforms that will work with any computer system, no matter if they use Mac or PC.

The ability to broadcast and archive a meeting is essential if you want to reduce the cost of meeting production. Paragon also has the ability to broadcast (via the web) and archive live meeting on the Internet. This is a proven method in reaching a far greater audience, as well as reducing the cost of a meeting. With our online web-based training, you can record some, or all, of the presentations and verify each attendee has watched each presentation via a comprehension testing system.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Research has shown that face-to-face meetings “keep business personal.” Paragon International embraces this concept, partnering with CRO’s, pharmaceutical, biotechs, and medical device companies to focus our work on the details of your meeting. As Paragon International remains concentrated on your meeting’s details, we leave you the time to concentrate on the content and message of your meeting, and, of course, the availability to interact with your attendees… keeping things personal.

Our goal is to leave you and your team with peace of mind during your meeting, creating a completely worry-free study team at your Investigator Meeting. By the use of today’s ever-changing technology for producing quick sourcing results, expedited proposals of venue solutions, professional and concise presentation formats, and state-of-the-art digital media to relay your message, Paragon International has proven, time and time again, that our team performs, on your behalf, to produce an safe, compliant and comfortable environment for each your critical face-to-face meetings.


In one of the most regulated industries in the world, it is paramount that you have the confidence that your meeting production company has a complete understanding of the industry guidelines for clinical research meetings, both home and abroad. Paragon International reviews and understands these guidelines long before your meeting is even sourced in the country where it is to be held. Over the years, the team at Paragon International has built relationships within the regulatory bodies worldwide. Our team will guide you through the process of ensuring that your meeting will be in compliance and within all guidelines.

Paragon International’s compliance people will assist your team in examining areas such as physician spend, gifts, property guidelines for hotels, food and beverage spend, assisting and guiding your study team, and informing decision makers of compliance of ICH-GCP guidelines. Paragon International is fully compliant with the Physician Payment Sunshine Act reporting requirements. Efficiency and compliance will remain paramount throughout the production and execution, and invoice preparation of your Investigator Meeting.


Clinical Trials Travel

Paragon International offers a unique service specifically designed for clinical studies where patient recruitment can be an issue due to logistics.

Paediatric or Orphan compound studies especially, often face a huge challenge in finding and recruiting patients who either live long distances from an Investigator Site and/or who need to be accompanied each time they visit the site in the course of the trial. Frequently, the problem is not actually finding the patients, however the logistical challenge involved in making sure that the patients are retained in the study can often be a very time-consuming and expensive business.

Because of our experience in the clinical development industry Paragon International is capable of providing everything that your patients need for safe travel, secure and comfortable accommodation and the efficient reimbursement of expenses. Regardless of whether they require travel, accommodation, ambulance charter, aircraft charter or special care and assistance, we have the experience to deal with it.

Our in-house travel consultants are highly experienced and will ensure that your patients are dealt with professionally and hassle free while maintaining complete confidentiality (FDA and MHRA compliant). We will remind patients when they are due for a site visit and make sure that they have everything they need every time.

Paragon International has 20 years of experience in providing solutions to reduce CRO/Investigator administration and travel. Let us take care of the logistics which will leave you free to take care of the clinical trial.

Services we can offer:

  • Highly cost-effective In-House Travel Consultants
  • Air Travel with Assistance where required
  • Local Travel Transportation
  • Patient Expense Management and Reimbursement
  • Road and Air Ambulance Charter
  • Accommodation Services
  • FDA/MHRA compliant Reimbursement Services
  • Complete Confidentiality